World Domination and Other Schemes

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if we ever let the Rage Mage’s cat Ghyzmo be DM





The Pirates Official Posters

What is this glorious looking glory.


Pirates (2014 film)

Set in the early Joseon Dynasty, a group led by a female pirate and another group led by a male bandit are on a mission to hunt down a whale that swallowed the royal seal bestowed on Joseon from China.

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Dragon Age - Morrigan Cosplay

Model: Laura Sanchez (Nebulaluben)


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Photo: Jesús Clares

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His face… dear gods…

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Elder Mountain Hammer

by Time Blossom


Dragon Age: Origins - Fan Art

Created by LP Victoria


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Some say…



Someone wanted a crudely drawn Akibared.

Original masterpiece by Mark Eastwood, reblog it from here

I am Mark Eastwood and I approve this amendment. It brings me much happiness — 5/5 stars. New version here though!


Skill Checks


Wait…what? This is a real move? I thought this was made up Black Widow super hero nonsense like Hammers forged in stars…

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Pathfinder Project: Update 3

So they’re all built now and in the final stages of painting. 1 guy has been practically completed (barring minor touch-ups here and there and any other little details I think about picking out).

A note regarding the female torso’s I picked up a few weeks back - although they go onto the legs easily enough the arm connection is a little ‘thin’ by about 1mm making the arms look a little oversized. That and the bust gets in the way of most of the Tau weapon arms (since they do like to hug their weapons pretty close to there chests… the reason why the chestplate were painted and lined before adding the weapons on).

So I probably won’t be getting any more of them. Thankfully I only used 3 sets of those torso/heads and have enough for the planned Fireblade/Darkstrider & Aun’Shi conversions.

Ideally they’ll all be done in the next week or so, then I get them photographed and post a few pics of the results.

And then we get started on the first set of Fire warriors.

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