World Domination and Other Schemes

Plans within plans

List 1:

eAbby -5

Carni +11
Raek +4
Raek +4
Seraph +8
Wasps +4
Shredder +2 (28)

Striders +6 [34]

(That’s her tier list all the way up to Tier 3 folks. Speed bonus to every flyer [Abby, the Seraph and the Wasps here], advance deployment on the 2 units [yup those wasps get it too] and every beast using its animi for free turn 1. Seems kind of brutal I think.)

List 2:

eLylyth -5
Ravagore +10
Ravagore +10
Naga +5 (20)

Striders +6

Deathstalker +2
Deathstalker +2
Annyssa +4 [34]

(We don’t even get into her tier list with this thing but it just looks like a bit of fun to take out unit blobs. Not as brutally efficient as Abby though.)


The Lion King
          Scar + Text Posts

Via Liliana Vess of the Veil

So I’ve been meaning to upload these for the last month or two. Finished this lot a little over 4 weeks (has it been that long?) ago. 
Loving the scheme I have going on here and the joy is it was really simple to do too.

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if we ever let the Rage Mage’s cat Ghyzmo be DM





The Pirates Official Posters

What is this glorious looking glory.


Pirates (2014 film)

Set in the early Joseon Dynasty, a group led by a female pirate and another group led by a male bandit are on a mission to hunt down a whale that swallowed the royal seal bestowed on Joseon from China.

Via Legend of the Five Rings Art


Dragon Age - Morrigan Cosplay

Model: Laura Sanchez (Nebulaluben)


Find her on Deviant Art - Tumblr - Website - Twitter - Facebook


Photo: Jesús Clares

Via CyberWolf

His face… dear gods…

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Elder Mountain Hammer

by Time Blossom


Dragon Age: Origins - Fan Art

Created by LP Victoria


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More Arts from this artist on my Tumblr HERE

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Some say…



Someone wanted a crudely drawn Akibared.

Original masterpiece by Mark Eastwood, reblog it from here

I am Mark Eastwood and I approve this amendment. It brings me much happiness — 5/5 stars. New version here though!

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