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Wait…what? This is a real move? I thought this was made up Black Widow super hero nonsense like Hammers forged in stars…

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Pathfinder Project: Update 3

So they’re all built now and in the final stages of painting. 1 guy has been practically completed (barring minor touch-ups here and there and any other little details I think about picking out).

A note regarding the female torso’s I picked up a few weeks back - although they go onto the legs easily enough the arm connection is a little ‘thin’ by about 1mm making the arms look a little oversized. That and the bust gets in the way of most of the Tau weapon arms (since they do like to hug their weapons pretty close to there chests… the reason why the chestplate were painted and lined before adding the weapons on).

So I probably won’t be getting any more of them. Thankfully I only used 3 sets of those torso/heads and have enough for the planned Fireblade/Darkstrider & Aun’Shi conversions.

Ideally they’ll all be done in the next week or so, then I get them photographed and post a few pics of the results.

And then we get started on the first set of Fire warriors.


DC Comics

by Jamal Campbell (Pryce14)

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Pathfinder Project: Update 2

So the resin torsos/heads arrived yesterday. Bit more flash on them than I would have liked but still didn’t take too long to clean off. They’ve been prepped and sprayed now.

Legs are also on the bases, with the first stage of the fatigues done (thats the right word for the cloth under the armour right?) its now time to get started on the armour.

Minor problem I will probably run into is skin/flesh. I don’t have the paints at home to do them in the suggested GW colours and this annoys me, especially since it won’t be until the end of the month when I can get some new paints. Hopefully that won’t delay my planned completion date, but even if it does just means my next project (Fire Warrior Team) will be getting started a couple of weeks later than I planned.

Pathfinder Project: Update 1

So after spending the morning painting the bases for the Pathfinder team I’ve come to a stark realisation.

I’m enjoying this. Weird. Also I need to get a camera as well.

<> Anyway here’s the progress so far this month:

Bits acquired: resin bases, Pathfinder box set

Awaiting delivery: Kadesh/Tau female bodies and heads.

<> Paint/build status: sprues undercoated and base coat applied to infantry & weapons. Drones removed, cleaned and built. Bases finished (bar minor finishing touches but for all intents and purposes they’re done now).

Still to do: finish applying the armour colour to the troops, build and base.

(Note: parts are being painted whilst still on the sprue for the simple reason that I can’t get at the details on the chest/ inside of arms/ backs of weapons when they’re fully built. These aren’t Space Marines, they keep their weapon close to their bodies.)


Because this is so true it hurts.

So as part of the project I found a couple of Tau-like female torso’s and heads for the Pathfinder team that should be started and (mostly finished) within the next month.

They don’t look half bad do they? Now to just wait fro them to get here.

Pray I don’t change the plans again…

So I was (and still am) making my way through stripping and painting the better part of 60 gaunts (30 spinefists, 30 hormagaunts), but I’ve been playing with ‘nids for the last month at my local gaming club, courtesy of a good man down there.

And well here’s my experience after playing again Iron Warriors, Space Wolves and Eldar: ‘Nids are great for the first 3 turns of the game when they actually have presence. Heck I managed to control the objectives in 2 out of 3 games from turn 1 up until roughly turn 4. But then they disintegrate at turn 4, every game.

Now I’m not saying I’m a great player, or even a moderately good player. But the lack of survivability of pretty much anything in the army book is starting to get to me, and quite frankly I’m not enjoying the second half of these games where I’m removing models but not seeming to cause an impact on my opponent in a meaningful enough manner.

So the plan is changing, or more accurately its getting a slight update. I still like a lot of the ‘nid model range and will at some point get my hands on  the new warriors, hive tyrants and crone/harpy kits because they look amazing to build. But as for a 1 year army project I think I’ll pass and focus on my back-up plan. 

Tau. With Crisis suits. Lots of Crisis suits. 

Because its kind of like an all Terminator army in that it has few models and although the Crisis kit hasn’t been updated its still not a bad model to build.

Plus I want to build a Riptide. Have you seen that kit? Seriously a gorgeous thing to put together.

So that’s the plan, and this is the way I’ll do it: 1 unit each month. First month is March, first unit to be done is going to be some Pathfinders with a little bit of conversions added into the mix. On resin bases. Because if I’m going to do this then I’m going all in.


Paint stripping

So started stripping some paint off a big block of old termagants I still had in a box from a few years back. Terrible colour scheme (and way too much ink wash over pink) and they just needed to come off.

Results from test batch: 1 dead, snapped at the foot (my own fault that one) and one arm dropping off. Out of a batch of 10 there only being the 1 that can’t be repaired seems like a good result. 

So another 6 in the tub and a Hydra warjack too, since I really don’t like the paint job I did on any of my Retribution so that’s all getting redone in between the gribbles.

May the Gribble be with you.


Legend of the Five Rings- Doji Seo by PhanTom-CZ

Actually the original artist is Edwin David (here:

1st game

So tried out this new-fangled 6th edition game system, borrowed a guys boxes of Gribblies and proceeded to get massacred in a kill points game (ended something like 13-4 I believe).

Things learned from this game:


2: Tyrant Guard soak up a LOT of fire.

3: Zoanthropes are a threat

4: Tyranids really need fliers in play to deal with things from across the board.

5: I have never rolled so many 1’s when making 3+ saves in my life (bolters killed Carnifexes. BOLTERS! And not Heavy bolters oh no, standard damned boltguns… )

Still was fun, probably going to get more games in over the next few months in addition to running Demon on the weekends.

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